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BRUSH PICKUP:  At this time the Lackawanna Recycling Center is not accepting brush longer than 24" nor can any leaves be with the brush.  Because this is not reasonable, we are currently both trying to work with Lackawanna County to change this policy while also trying to explore other options for brush disposal.  We cannot pickup brush until we have a place to unload it.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

PROPER DISPOSAL OF GREASE - The Abington Regional Wastewater Authority needs your help! There are few items in the world of food more difficult to dispose of than grease. And you should never take a shortcut by pouring it down the drain! Incidents have occurred in neighborhoods where the sewer pipes were clogged with fat, and people's basements flooded with sewage as a result. So what should you do? For fats that solidify, let them do so, then pitch them in your regular garbage. Chill grease in the fridge if you need to get it to harden up. For ones that don't solidify, pour them into a bottle, and throw the whole container away with your regular garbage.

ATTENTION SEWER CUSTOMERS:  We apologize but our quartely statements appear to have a typo on them.  They are showing April, May and June but in fact are for July, August and September.  Please disrgard the typo and pay as usual.  Any questions feel free to call our office at 570-586-9316.


DON’T: FLUSHABLE WIPES: Personal wipes do cater to the consumer by being efficient and convenient, but flushing them down the toilet may be a mistake. Wastewater authorities say wipes may go down the toilet, but even many labeled flushable aren’t breaking down as they course through the sewer system. Combining with grease and oils, these wipes are often causing blockages and costing tax payers millions of dollars. Understand that anything that can flush down a toilet is “flushable”. A golf ball is flushable, but it’s not a good idea.

Preventing wet wipes from blocking sewers is just one part of the personal wipe problem. The wipes also might pose environmental risks, because they’re made from plastics and synthetic cellulosic fibers, some of which are nondegradable. All of this ultimately makes its way to the country’s system of creeks, streams and rivers.

POLICE CIVIL SERVICE TESTING:  Clarks Summit Borough will be offering a civil service exam on 9/7 for interested potential police officers.   Please see link for more details.  2019 civil service testing  Applications:   police application