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Things you should know

THE OPEN DOOR FOOD PANTRY - sponsored by The Gathering Place, the First Presbyterian Church and Our Lady of Snows Church is available in the Elevator Lobby of the Clarks Summit Borough Building.  Please take what you need or leave what you can.

FREE MASK GIVE-AWAY  -  available on Monday, May 11 at the Gathering Place, 304 S State St.  Donations of non-perishable food will be gladly accepted.

Changes coming to Borough Trash and Recycling Services:  Single-Stream Recycling Collection
Starting Thursday, March 5, 2020, Clarks Summit Borough recycling collection is changing to one time every other week collection.  Please follow the calendar and zone map to follow the schedule for curbside recycling collection.  Recyclables should be placed out the night before your scheduled collection day.
Clarks Summit Borough offers “single-stream” recycling program. Everything that your household recycles will now go in the same container. No need to separate papers, metals, cardboard, glass and plastics, etc.
J. P. Mascaro & Sons will pick up recyclables every other week on  Thursday or Friday with a separate truck that collects recyclables, the truck will only collect recyclables during collection. This truck has a compactor, so more recycling material will fit in allowing for more efficiency.

Bulk Item Collection
One (1) bulk item collected once a week. Bulk items will be collected on your trash day. Bulk item such as washers, dryers, water heaters and Christmas trees are considered as bulk. White goods such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, require a sticker showing that the  freon is removed prior to placing the items curbside.  Other items such as sofas, futons, mattresses (wrapped in plastic), tables, chairs, etc…can be put out as a bulk item.
Acceptable Bulk Items:
• Furniture
• Carpet rolled and tied maximum length 48”
• Construction and Demolition debris cut to
maximum length of 48”
• Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers
• Other household items too large for
regular weekly collection

See attached for more information:  2020 Clarks Summit Trash and Recycling Flyer

Holidays that trigger a delay in trash pickup

New Year’s Day                   Memorial Day

Independence Day              Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day               Christmas Day


DON’T: FLUSHABLE WIPES: Personal wipes do cater to the consumer by being efficient and convenient, but flushing them down the toilet may be a mistake. Wastewater authorities say wipes may go down the toilet, but even many labeled flushable aren’t breaking down as they course through the sewer system. Combining with grease and oils, these wipes are often causing blockages and costing tax payers millions of dollars. Understand that anything that can flush down a toilet is “flushable”. A golf ball is flushable, but it’s not a good idea.

Preventing wet wipes from blocking sewers is just one part of the personal wipe problem. The wipes also might pose environmental risks, because they’re made from plastics and synthetic cellulosic fibers, some of which are nondegradable. All of this ultimately makes its way to the country’s system of creeks, streams and rivers.

PROPER DISPOSAL OF GREASE - The Abington Regional Wastewater Authority needs your help! There are few items in the world of food more difficult to dispose of than grease. And you should never take a shortcut by pouring it down the drain! Incidents have occurred in neighborhoods where the sewer pipes were clogged with fat, and people's basements flooded with sewage as a result. So what should you do? For fats that solidify, let them do so, then pitch them in your regular garbage. Chill grease in the fridge if you need to get it to harden up. For ones that don't solidify, pour them into a bottle, and throw the whole container away with your regular garbage.