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PEELING PLATE RALLY: We are thrilled to share the news that, in cooperation with the Office of Senator Marty Flynn, we are hosting our second annual Peeling Plate Rally at our Keyser Oak location in Scranton, PA. The event is scheduled for this Saturday, April 13th, from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. This initiative aims to simplify the process of replacing illegible, peeling license plates within our community. 


Our proactive approach involves assisting individuals in completing the necessary paperwork more efficiently than if done independently and this time around we will be issuing brand new plates on-site instantly for free. 

Outreach with the Office of Bridget Kozierowski – Representative Bridget Kozierowski will hold a monthly outreach the third Wednesday of every month from 11AM to 1PM in the Borough building beginning July 19.

Rep. Kosierowski will have a staff member there to assist with any state related needs that regional residents might have, from Property Tax Rent Rebate assistance, to PennDot help, to Unclaimed Treasury searches. Her team members will, of course, stay after 1PM to be sure that any resident needs are completely addressed.

Unless public health concerns require otherwise, all scheduled meetings will be open to the public and held in Council Chambers with the ability to be observed simultaneously via YouTube. The YouTube link is This link is intended only to permit individuals to observe the meeting live and is not intended for active participation.  Only individuals who appear in person may address the Council or Commission or Board.   However, questions may be submitted to the Borough Manager via email at prior to the date of the meeting if an individual is unable to appear in person.

Agendas for future meetings: