Shade Tree Commission

Arbor Day 2021 tree planting

Erin Philbin Torquato

seat available

Josh Arp

Tim Latz

David Wegner

Tate Alexander and her University of Scranton Conservation and Sustainability Club


Vice Chair




Arborist Advisor

Forestry Advisor



Shade Tree Commission Duties

Duties of the Commission shall be as follows:

  • To study the problems and determine the needs of the Borough regarding shade trees on the public streets and parks.
  • To recommend to the Borough Council the type and size of trees to be planted upon the borough streets or parts thereof as designated.
  • To assist the Borough Council and Borough officials in the dissemination of news and information regarding the selection, planting and maintenance of trees upon the streets and to make such recommendations from time to time to the Borough Council as to desirable legislation concerning the shade tree program and activities for the Borough.
  • To conduct regular and special public meetings at which the subject of shade trees may be discussed by the members of the Commission, officers and personnel of the Borough and all others interested in the shade tree program.
  • To annually report in full to the Borough Council the transactions and expenses of the Commission for the previous fiscal year.
  • To review tree planting, removal and pruning permit requests and vote to approve or deny such applications based on existing conditions.
  • To evaluate and assess the condition of trees that may pose a threat to property or persons, and make recommendations to the Borough Council.

Shade Tree News

At the September 4, 2019 Borough Council Meeting, members of the Shade Tree Commission were recognized by US Congressman Matt Cartwright for their committment to Tree City USA.